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From the Scream and Run Naked seminars:

The "Scream and Run Naked" workshop experience had helped transform my life in profound new ways. I AM, more than ever, living my life more mindfully and deeply connected to source than I ever have in my life. I have stepped into the power of my authentic life.
    Tom Kirsch, M.C., L.P.C.
    Licensed Professional Counselor

Scream and Run Naked" - with a title like that you are bound to get lasting life changes! It was one of the best things I have ever done! I mean that. I have done a lot of work as a life coach and this was by far the best. I would describe this work as powerful and permanent. What I loved about it was the multi faceted exercises that really made a difference. Ali is incredible in front of the room- very on purpose, organized, well spoken, clear, compassionate and able to dance in the moment. I was incredible engaged in every minute and every thing we did was fun and extremely powerful! One point in an exercise I thought to myself " there is no where else I would rather be!" I promise I only have those feelings when I am in Hawaii with my love enjoying snorkeling or something like that!
Since I have been back I have found many of the tools very helpful! I am really exercising them in my daily life... with my relationship, in work, etc. Woohoo- I am running!
    Janae Whittaker, Life Coach
    Featured Coach on "Starting Over" with Iyanla Vanzant

An amazing, liberating experience. . .Scream and Run Naked, an analogy for peeling off the distorted imprints collected through unconscious living is a must for anyone seeking to be who they really are. Chuck full of activities, music and poetry that stimulate the re-surfacing of your own truths, the SARN retreat can be repeated again and again and again as part of one’s journey to joyfully living the life you were meant to live! What are you waiting for? Freedom awaits you. . .
    Tamara Nezirevic, LPC
    CFS Mortgage Corp.

Thank you for an amazing weekend. I can't believe how my perception has shifted. I am also shocked at how soon I am being tested and how strongly the weekend has already shown up in my life. The SARN weekend feels like rite of passage from "who am I" to "I am" and I thank you for taking me through. I look forward to coming again and wish that everyone could have the opportunity to see themselves as you are able to reflect to them. I liked how you and the staff created a firm, yet loving, supportive, and safe environment. I appreciate the wake-up.
    Shawna Hudson
    True North Life Coaching

Client list

A true testimonial to Ali's work is her outstanding client list:

American Express

Arizona State University Athletics

National Hockey League

Major League Baseball

The CEO Forum

Massachusetts General Hospital

Chicago Title

Cincinnati Gymnastics

Deloitte & Touche

Discover the World Marketing

Tufts University Athletics

Boise State University Athletics

ProMedica Health Systems

Maricopa County Hospital

Oregon State University Athletics

Professional Golf Association

National Football League

The Boeing Company

Ernst & Young

Insight Direct USA, Inc.

USA Figure Skating

USA Gymnastics

USA Trampoline and Tumbling

Salt River Project

Essential Theatre Company

BG Associates