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This is your life, your work, your sport and there is only one shot at Living Big. All of our work helps you step into being the best you can be. No excuses. Just the awareness that there is so much out there for you, and so much life to live. Whether you are involved in Head Games for playing Big or Scream and Run Naked for living big, Doc Ali and her staff will help you let go of whatever is holding you back and help you step into the person you want to be.

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One of those women who walks into a room and suddenly all the men want to date her and all the women want to be her new BFF? She’s mysterious, yet warm. Scarce yet available. Strong yet feminine. Doc Ali has been around ITGirls for most of her career. She helped Scott Baio see who was not IT for him, and showed the girls at Charm School how to get IT. Here are some Doc Ali tips on how to become the IT Girl in your life.

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The Athlete Warrior: 10 Principles for Becoming a Champion

What is the Athlete Warrior? The Athlete Warrior is someone fully committed to sport and life. Someone willing to face every day and every workout with eyes open, heart open, and ready to push their body to the maximum. It is an athlete ready to | more

Fear of Tigers

There is a Zen story about a woman being chased by tigers. No matter how fast she runs, she can feel their breath on her neck and knows they are gaining on her. She comes to the edge of a cliff and it looks hopeless. Then she sees some vines dangling | more

Breaking Down the Block (for athletes)

It's so frustrating. One minute you can do the skill the next minute you can't. So many gymnasts can do a skill perfectly one day, only to find themselves losing it, or worse yet, not even being able to go for it at all. | more